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Trophy - Prestige - Opera

Brushed satin nickel bases are hand cast and surrounded sparkling acrylic with curved shapes that complement the beveled designs.
From $335.00

Trophy - Crystal - Aspire

Dimension of 9"x 4" x 3"
From $415.00

Trophy - Prestige - Supremacy

The action captured in the swirling garments and victorious pose of our Supremacy gives artistic drama to your award as the figure proudly raises it's beacon to your accomplishment
From $445.00

Trophy - Prestige - Winged Achievement

Presenting a most extraordinary symbol of Achievement created by R.S. Owens. Finished in our purest 24k gold or genuine silver with bright polished and satin contrast, this award will always represent the ultimate accomplishment with wings upraised to salute your success.
From $485.00

Trophy - Prestige - Flame Award

Everyday heroes are the people who make the world a better place. This 24k gold plated, Made in the USA, sculpted torch is mounted to a gold plated cylinder base. The award is designed to honor any hero who keeps the flame of achievement burning.
From $356.00

Trophy - Prestige - Marquee

The Marquee features a large acrylic arch perfect for the bright colors of our new full color imprinting process, SpectraPrint. The hand-fabricated brushed aluminum pillars on each side hold your achievement erect in contemporary style.
From $375.00

Trophy - Prestige - Pirouette

The unique cove-edge beveled acrylic of the Pirouette Award is echoed by the bright nickel-plated cast metal base that twists around the bottom to create the impression of growth and movement.
From $356.00

Trophy - Prestige - Triumph

Reach to the stars in Triumph with this inspiring award. This collection features a hand cast figure holding aloft a multi-faceting crystal star. Mounted on an ebony finished Stonecast base.
From $405.00

Trophy - Prestige - Continuum

The balletic curves of the gold or silver plated cast metal Continuum figure are mounted to different base with complimentary laser engraved plate, to gracefully salute your accomplishment with an infinite loop of artistic style.
From $336.00

Trophy - Prestige - Eternal

The Eternal's cast metal flame rises from a thick base and undulates with sculptural beauty as the light cascades from its polished surface.
From $483.00

Trophy - Prestige - Bastion Flame

Five graceful cast metal rods interlock to create a |starburst of angled flame shapes in this elegant award. The cast metal base is complimented with a black brass or black aluminum laser engraved band.
From $483.00

Trophy - Prestige - Stanchion

.A satin finish hand-brushed aluminum base with cantilevered fasteners hold a triangular pane of Starfire glass suspended in air. The precise interlacing of glass and metal balances geometry with artistic flare creating an award with elegant construction.
From $590.00

Trophy - Prestige - Apex

The classic obelisk shape is translated in hand cast metal and gleams with polished perfection. Mounted to a beveled ebony crystal base.
From $483.00

Trophy - Prestige - Vortex

An optical crystal cube floats gracefully on top of this cast optical crystal base and spins freely with the touch of a finger. The award is mounted to a cast gold or silver plated metal base with a full color imprint.
From $405.00

Trophy - Prestige - Mithra

The amazing organic twists of the cast metal Mithra align with mathematical perfection when viewed from the front to form a perfect geometric triangle mounted to an ebony optical crystal base.
From $444.00

Trophy - Prestige - Epicenter

The bright polished finish of the Epicenter's surface is paired with deep sculptural cuts of satin finish metal to create these exceptional shapes of sculptural artistry.
From $590.00

Trophy - Prestige - Fractal

Cut optical crystal is fused into tight bevels allowing a cascade of light to reflect from every angle. Dimension : 10.5" x 3". Also available in 11" height
From $356.00

Trophy - Prestige - Tribute

Multi-layered carved optical crystal glows with a luminous satin finish that is complimented by a thick polished aluminum base to create a dramatic contrast
From $336.00

Trophy - Prestige - Boundless

The cast metal ring of the Boundless was designed to capture the limitless spirit of a never-ending circle, illustrating your achievement with infinite possibilities. The circle is mounted to a large plinth of optical crystal bringing sparkling light to the sculpture above.
From $405.00

Trophy - Prestige - Spirit

The exuberant spirit of these awards are a synthesis of metal and crystal with upraised arms in celebration of achievement. Choose from silver or 24k gold on a black nickel base.
From $580.00

Trophy - Prestige - Traverse

Cast metal triangle sculptures intersect with a bright 24k gold or fine silver finish to create this sleek, modern sculpture of gallery quality beauty. Each piece is mounted to a beveled optical crystal base.
From $502.00

Trophy - Prestige - Royal Diamond Tiara

The 6½" high Royal Diamond is a symmetrical six-sided jade glass award with constant-width bevels on the front top and bottom sides and on the back middle sides. The prominent, highly polished bevels accentuate the sparkle of the glass, generate diverse and attractive reflections along the edges, and frame the large central etching area. Also available in 8" and 10" sizes and in starfire.
From $395.00

Trophy - Prestige - Synergy

Graceful arcs of perfect synergy combine to form a ring of expressive proportions. Available in 24 karat gold or silver electroplate with a cylindrical base for a contemporary look.
From $447.00

Trophy - Prestige - Zenith

Trace your accomplishment as it races against the sky with our dramatic shooting star award. The Zenith is cast in metal with curving undulations that end in a striking cast metal star plated in 24k gold or silver.
From $648.00